An innovative team since 2011, for  players from all around the world


               Las Vegas Highrollers Soccer Club was created in 2011, by soccer business man Luis Tipacti, successful FIFA players agent, South American soccer clubs' owner, as well as real estate mogul.  

He started Las Vegas Highrollers Soccer Club in the spirit of providing a new sporst brand for the capital of live entertainment, where players from USA and the world can have a platform for career progress through great athletic and sports performance.

                By the hand of Luis Tipacti, Highrollers has been competing in important professional leagues as well as giving outstanding exhibition games, versing international temas form Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua,  El Salvador, Ecuador,  Peru, Bolivia, Argentina,  Spain, Italy France and England, side bu side with his head coach; the renowned Brazilian Rildo Costa. Aligned with this, Highrollers counts with permanent support from his board members, that include soccer legends' Franz Beckenbauer and Edson Arantes Do Nacimento, "Pelé".







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